No doubt about it – we humans need sunlight to stay alive: it stimulates the circulation, increases the content of oxygen in the blood and also that of the hormone serotonin, which helps to brighten our spirits. Sunlight strengthens the immune system and supports the production of vitamin D in the body. But beware! Too much sun means stress for the body. With the SUN series from JANSSEN COSMETICS bronzing stays a pleasurable experience.

UV rays are also invisible, which complicates matters still further. Unfortunately, the effect they have on the skin is not immediately visible unless it is sunburn. Only when the skin's self-repair mechanisms are exhausted do unwelcome, irreparable signs become noticeable: wrinkles, pigmentation marks and a pronounced loss of elasticity. This has to be prevented in good time.

The SUN series from JANSSEN COSMETICS enables pleasurable bronzing whilst enjoying twofold sun protection:

1. Innovative photo stable light protection filters offer highly-effective protection against UVB and UVA radiation.
2. The unique biological active substance ECTOIN® increases the cell's native defenses against UV radiation and loss of moisture.

ECTOIN® is a natural substance which is found in the deserts and salt lakes of Egypt, and is produced by micro-organisms. It penetrates into the skin easily due to its low molecular weight and protects it against stress factors such as heat, cold and UV light by supporting the cells' own repair and protection mechanisms. This increased protection against UV radiation also reliably contributes towards the avoidance of premature photo-aging (light-related skin aging). Furthermore, ECTOIN® regulates the cells' natural moisture content and prevents them from drying out. Incidentally, ECTOIN® also keeps the skin's immune system in working order.

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